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Rocket Stove


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Rocket stoves are a fast and efficient outdoor wood-burning stove. You will never need to buy fuel again, it will burn anything you can find in nature, including sticks, twigs, leaves, pine cones, etc. Use small sized material, and boil water, fry meat, or any other cooking you might need to do.

The main difference between a normal fireplace or woodstove and a rocket stove is that rocket combustion is close to complete. When wood is burned it releases volatile compounds that we recognise as smoke or soot or creosote. In a rocket stove these compounds are sucked into the insulated and very hot ‘burn tunnel’ of the unit where they combust, releasing even more heat energy to drive the rocket process, unlike a normal fire where they are blown out the chimney.

This distinctive sucking of the flames down into the burn tunnel, and the resultant ‘roar’ is what gives rocket stoves their name. This is also a part of their magic. Rocket stoves are open where the wood is fed in, allowing lots of oxygen to be drawn into the unit. As the fire starts, and the burn tunnel heats up, the rising hot air races up the heat riser, drawing lots of air behind it. This incoming air flows into the feed tube and across the burning wood – creating the same effect as pointing a big air-blower at your fire. It gets really hot, the wood burns beautifully, and you hear the air roaring as it charges through the system.

We paint our rocket stoves with long-lasting high heat coatings to keep them looking beautiful.  They make a fantastic item to buy for yourself or as a gift. Affordable insurance in the event of a grid failure.

Burn chamber is 6"x6" and stands 29-3/4" tall, 13" wide, 19-1/2" deep